Training your German Shepherd Not to Chew On Household Objects

Its part of the raising a German Shepherd puppy that your puppy will chew on to household objects and furniture. Mostly such behavior will be exhibited by your German Shepherd as a puppy especially during its teething process. To train your German Shepherd not to chew on household objects and furniture follow these steps:


First Step: Purchase bitter spray from your local pet store or any online store and you will spray it on the items which you want to protect form being chewed on.

Second Step: Keep a close eye on your German Shepherd puppy all times. Once you see him chewing on to things encourage him to chew on to his chewing toys instead of the furniture or household objects.

Third Step: Once you see him chewing on to his toy so reward him with a pat on his head and verbal praise for his good behavior.

Repeat these easy steps until you German Shepherd puppy learns that only thing which he should be chewing is his chewing toy.  It is recommend to teething toys for you puppy if he is teething, which are very beneficial during the teething process.

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