How To Introduce A New German Shepherd To The Household

If you are a dog owner and you are considering on bringing a new German Shepherd  puppy to your home  then it is essential for you to train you existing dogs to get along with your new German Shepherd. So follow these simple tips so that they become acquainted with each other.

  1. Bring the new puppy home: When you go to pick up you new puppy from the breeder make sure that you leave your existing dog at home in order to avoid any aggression between the two during the ride.
  2. The Cloth/Blanket: Bring a small cloth or blanket and wrap it around the new puppy or rub it on its fur so that the new puppy’s scent is absorbed in the cloth/blanket. Once you arrive at home don’t let the new puppy meet with your old dog but instead let your old dog smell the small cloth/blanket in which the new puppy was wrapped so that the old dog gets used to the scent of the new puppy.
  3. Let Them Meet: Now put the leash on you old dog and take him outdoors for a walk and have someone to put a leash on you new puppy then bring him to meet your old dog. Take both of them on a walk simultaneously and let them walk side by side so that they may develop friendship or mutual understanding.
  4. Bring Inside The Home: Once you observed that both of them are peaceful meeting each other, bring them inside your home and let them run and explore. Keep a close eye on both of them as your old dog may become territorial. So establish boundaries by assigning a special place for the new puppy’s bed, toys, bowl dishes and food which a away from your old dog’s personal space.
  5. Patience: You need to be patient and don’t yell during this learning process. It may take time for you old dogs to accept the new puppy as a family member.

Some dogs do not adjust well at time and are aggressive towards the new puppy so in this  case separate them within the household and seek help from a trainer experienced in helping dogs adjust to new puppies.

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