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Here is what German Shepherd Training Puppies is All About

If you wanted to know:

  • What Effective training methods you can use to train your German Shepherd?
  • How can you get your German Shepherd to obey your commands?
  • How and what should you feed your German Shepherd?
  • How introduce your German Shepherd to your Household?
  • How to potty training your German Shepherd?

Here at German Shepherd Training Puppies your questions will be answered and you will get even more!

My German Shepherd Story:

Many years back my uncle brought a German Shepherd puppy from one of his friends whose female German Shepherd had given birth to multiple puppies. We named him Jack. Jack was less than a month old when we brought him home and he lived with us for almost 11 years. Jack was loved by every one and he also loved the entire family. The purpose for bring Jack home was to protect against thief, who would usually jump into the boundary wall.

There were time when Jack would eat desserts placed on the slab in the kitchen and would catch mice. On a lighter note, my Dad’s friend had a Russian dog and when he would visit our home and hug & touch Jack, his dog would cry in grief after smelling Jack’s scent on his hands and body.

Once Jack disappeared for many days, most probably some one kidnapped him and then returned home when he got a chance to escape. Near the end of his 11 year life, he got extremely ill and the vet said that he will not survive and within few days Jack passed away. A grave was dug in the neighborhood and Jack was laid to rest and the family members were in tears.

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